A Perfect Water Treatment For Your Family

ULTIMA Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment

ULTIMA provides the world’s most advanced water purification technology; R.O. Technology based on the spirit of “Safe Water for Bangladesh”. ULTIMA’s 1st priority is to ensure the best quality & service. Generally, ULTIMA RO Water Purifier models are specially designed for homes, offices, hospitals, educational institutions.
Our Mandatory 6 Stages RO purification system is suitable for Bangladesh Municipal water (Up to TDS-150). If the input water has impurities normally not present in drinking water (high iron/turbidity/microbial contamination etc.) or water is from unknown resource (river /lake /pond / bore well etc.), then additional pre-treatments like Iron Remover, Water Softener, etc. (up to 3 extra stages) may be required based on your water quality test report which ULTIMA Water Man will recommend you after testing (Free!) your supply water.

Complete RO Water Protection with Lucrative wall-mount Design

ULTIMA Royal RO Water Purifier

ULTIMA Royal RO Water purifier is the best wall-mount RO System with a stunning outlook for medium and large family use. It comes with complete USA technology based RO protection, powerful 100GPD (378L/Day) Purification with 12L storage capacity.

Pure USA RO Protection

100 GPD Performance

6 Stages++ Purification

100% RO Protection

100 GPD Performance

6 Stages++ USA Technology

Best Under-Sink Home RO system

ULTIMA Crystal RO Water Purifier

ULTIMA Crystal RO Water purifier is the best under-sink RO System for medium and large family use. It comes with complete USA technology based RO protection, powerful 100GPD (378L/Day) Purification with 10L storage capacity.

#1 Budget Under-Sink  Home RO system

Utech RO Water Purifier

Utech RO Water purifier is a budget-friendly under-sink RO System for the small and medium family. It comes with complete USA technology based RO protection, powerful 75GPD (253L/Day) Purification with 8L storage capacity.

Best RO system for Large Office

ULTIMA Light Commercial RO Water Purifier

The best RO Water Purifier for large office, hospital, educational institution, etc. It comes with complete USA technology based RO protection, powerful 200GPD Purification with 35L storage capacity.

ULTIMA RO Water Treatment’s Features:

RO Technology

Ensures 100% safe, pure & mineralized water at home.

Alkaline Cartridge

Ensures healthy pH balanced (7.2~8.5) water by providing Hydroxide of Na, K and Ca.

Multi-stages Purification

A perfect purification treatment for every family of Bangladesh.

Larger Storage Tank

100% food grade maintained customizable 10 to 35 liters Storage Capacity.

USA RO Protection

It’s 0.0001 μm RO membrane removes virus, bacteria, and all harmful impurities.

Air Pressure Tank

50 PSI air pressure tank that saves water to have open air contact & recontamination.

Mineral Cartridge

Adds essential minerals (Na, Ca, Mg, etc)  and provides tasty and clean water.

Smart LED Display

Makes you always aware of your water quality by displaying the TDS & other essential information.

Portable Multi-Faucet

Can be equipped with additional faucets & set up in any suitable place.

Advanced Auto Shut-Off

It immediately shuts off its power after completion of purification.

What people say about ULTIMA

ULTIMA plays a vital role in ensuring pure & safe drinking water in Bangladesh. ULTIMA’s Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) is an Ultra Modern Technology for water purification system. I personally recommend everyone to rely on ULTIMA to ensure the safe water for their family.

Engr. H M Jahidul Islam

MD, ALM Steel

I love Ultima RO Water Treatment. They firstly test the water quality and then provide the treatment based on the water quality. Also, their service team seems very professional and committed. it’s worth the money we pay. A must-have product for families and offices. Thumbs up.

Dr. Mustaque Ahmed

Director, Harvest Infertility ltd.

Ultima came to our university to make social awareness about drinking safe water. They have taught us about water-borne diseases, the importance of safe water during pregnancy, etc. ULTIMA provides the best & perfect water treatment for all kinds of family in Bangladesh.

Taif Hussain

Student, BRAC University

ULTIMA is undoubtedly the best RO Water Purifier Brand in Bangladesh. The best thing is that ULTIMA only recommends RO Treatment based on the water quality instead of other risky purification methods like Gravity, MF or UV(only). I always pray for their prosperity.

Dr. Farhana Anam

Medical Director

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We think about people's health! we think about the future of Bangladesh!

ULTIMA provides the world's most advanced water purification technology: R.O. Technology based on the spirit of "Dispensing Safe Water for Bangladesh". ULTIMA’s 1st priority is ensuring the best quality & service.

The water treatment technology of ULTIMA goes beyond the water purifier for home use to the large-scale plant business used in schools, government offices, research institutes, etc.

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