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Waterborne diseases are responsible for 24% of all deaths in Bangladesh and lead to the death of over 250 children on average every day from a lack of clean water. The number of people drinking water with microbial contamination is about 99 million. (UNICEF Survey)

Water Quality Test Form

ULTIMA Water Advisor will fix an appointment as per the convenience of the customer. On Appointment date and time our Water Advisor will visit the customer and test the water of the customer’s drinking water supply and will recommend the proper treatments based on the water quality.

Our Mandatory 6 Stages RO purification system is suitable for Bangladesh Municipal water (Up to TDS-150). If the input water has impurities normally not present in drinking water (high iron/turbidity/microbial contamination etc.) or water is from unknown resource (river /lake /pond / bore well etc.), then additional pre-treatments like Iron Remover, Water Softener, etc. (up to 3 extra stages) may be required based on your water quality test report which ULTIMA Water Man will recommend you after testing (Free!) your supply water.

Our free water test includes Electrolysis (which shows the invisible particulates of your drinking water) and TDS test (TDS stands for total dissolved solids)
Additional premium water quality test (Iron, pH, TDS, Hardness, Arsenic, Chloride, Phosphate, Nitrite, Nitrate, Virus, Bacteria) can be done on customer request (charge may be applied).